My First Blog

This is the first time I actually have a blog that I intend to have for writing that I tend to keep, I had a blog once before, but that was for a class in college that I wasn’t even a part of. An understandable mistake, given that it was my first online class and that I gotten what I had to do for the class mixed up. So please, bear with me. I decided to have a little introduction about me with my first post and why I started writing in the first place. I am an aspiring author and working on a freelance writing career.

I first started writing when I was young, when I was 9 to be exact. My fourth grade English teacher made everyone in the fourth grade at my school to write a Halloween micro fiction. When I finished writing mine, I actually enjoyed it. I loved coming up with the story and writing it. So every year, I wrote a Halloween micro fiction story, up until seventh grade, then I tried writing a novel. That didn’t end well, I lacked the ability to write a novel and lost all hope of even getting the first chapter finished. But I was young and didn’t know much of what to do when writing a novel.

Depression kicked in after that, didn’t know what else after that either. So I thought that was the end of me coming up with stories and writing them. Until several years after I graduated high school, in the year of 2012 I had no job, couldn’t find a job, no car to even be able to go and find a job, I lived (still do actually) eight miles outside of the town I live in. I started to get really bored with nothing to do and started to lose my mind, then I remembered the time when I was in school and had written. I actually wanted to write just to write something, still really had no idea what to write. No computer wither to write with, so I had just decided to get a couple of notebooks and a pencil. I had quickly gotten an idea.

I had decided to go to college as well, but I was hoping to get the book done before going. But once again, I hit writers block, then gotten a job finally as well. After I finally gotten a car that I could drive of course. Go figure. Then after a couple of years, I decided to go to college, I didn’t even planned to go for a degree, but then I decided to go for B.F.A. (Bachelor’s degree of fine arts), but I just don’t like how I have to take other classes outside of the writing program for to being able to graduate and get that degree. Now I have a book that I’m actually six chapter writing into, I started it last December, I’m still working on it and trying to get a freelance writing career going in the process. The first book idea I came up with, It’s interesting enough to the people I told about it to, so it’s in planning stages now.

The concept of the book has changed several times over the year in fact. It still has the core basics of what I originally wanted for the book though. My current book that I’m working on now is a fantasy genre book about a dark mage who comes across a village ravaged by a demonic dragon. I love the fantasy genre, books and games especially. But not everything that I write is specifically fantasy though. I’ll write anything that comes to mind really, sci-fi, suspense, fantasy, etc. I also tend to incorporate some romance and mystery into my stories as well.

I hope that this was an enjoyable read for it being my first post to this blog. I will be blogging about any books that I read and any that I have written and published. I will also like to blog about other things as well when the topics come to me. Also, if anyone has a book that they have published and would like me to review it, I’ll be happy to and write a blog post for it. Have a nice day everyone.

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