I realize that I haven’t even posted anything in a long time, so I decided to post a little short story. I hope that you all will enjoy it.


A cold breeze pinch at my skin as I sit on a branch of a tree in the cold night, waiting for the target of my contract. A white fog wisps out of my mouth with my breathing, the cold never bothered me, but I just feel like sitting by a hot fire while drinking a hot cup of tea. I must stay on this branch until my target arrives, I have to get payed somehow. I was raised to be an assassin, that’s all my family ever was, just a bunch of assassins. I dreamed of traveling the world when I was growing up, being something else other than an assassin. Well, my parents wouldn’t permit me to being anything else. Out family line can only have the skills to kill people through contracts. Sometimes, people need one of us because their fortune, status, or power position is at risk. So they hire us to do their dirty work and get rid of their opposition. At least this way, I do get to see a little bit of the world, sometimes, I have to travel to find my target. It’s not always easy, however, I at least get to travel around and see many places and people.

For what seemed like forever, I finally hear the crunching of footsteps on the snow in the distance. I extinguish the light of my lantern and grab my dagger in my right hand. Ready to strike as soon as my target gets close enough for me to strike. They get into sight with their lantern, I quickly establish that its just one person. Perfect, I was told that my target will be traveling alone and that they’ll be the only one traveling along this path this late. As they get close, I arch my back and ready my dagger hand and slightly raise myself from the branch. I leap from the branch as they’re just a few feet away from the tree of the branch I’m sitting on, I steady my dagger to wrench it deep into his head. I let go of the dagger as I stumble to the ground, not the brightest idea I’ve had, hiding up in a high branch of a tree, but it worked none the less. The snow cushioned my fall, at least, it did a little bit.

I got up, angry and cursing the snow for not falling heavier onto the ground. That did nothing to help the situation, the snow just continues to fall at the same pace t has been for the past 2 hours or so. I look over at my target, sprawled on the ground with the snow near his head beginning to turn scarlet red. I walk over to him and wrench out my dagger. Then his hood fell from his head, revealing his face. He didn’t look anything like my target at all, my target in my contract has short dark hair, a plump reddish face, and brown eyes. This man I just killed has long curly blond hair, a sunken face, and gray eyes. I know I have seen this man somewhere though. The I realized, this is the king’s son, the very king that hired me to kill the man who threatened him and told me that he would be traveling alone on this very path. I start to panic, wondering where I should go, where I could go so that they don’t find me.  Was this all a set up? A plot to get rid of me and my family? Or is there something else going on?

© Jesse Waldvogel


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