Another story excerpt. I’m going to start trying to do more of these actually. Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this story.

Every night, I have the same dream. A woman sitting on a chair in the middle of my bedroom, just staring at me. She has long dark hair, a sunken face with a creepy smile and dark circles around her eyes. She wears a long black dress that looks to be from mid twentieth century, it goes all the way to her ankles and her dirty feet. Everything in my bedroom is gone in my dream, leaving me in an empty room with nothing but her in a strait-backed, wooden chair, and her arms on her crossed legs. Then one night, she slowly rose from her chair and started walking towards me. She started talking, but it was all inaudible, like she was speaking in a different language. Her coherent speech echoed through my mind. Still unable to grasp what she was saying, however, it sent shivers through my entire body. The hair on my neck stood up on ends, as well as the rest of the hair on my arms and legs.

As she got closer, I tried moving. I was paralyzed just standing there. I started to feel fear, feeling the need to get away from her and out of the room. Her face started to become distorted, looking more like a ravaging, blood-thirsty ghoul. She lifted up her hand to me, he nails growing into what looks to be claws. She sets her claw-like nails on the upper part of my chest, just below my neck and scratched me all the way down to my abdomen. I opened my mouth to scream out from the pain, however, no sound came out of my mouth. I woke up screaming and in a cold sweat. Panic took ahold of me, my breathing became fast and short. I looked down at my chest, red marks where the woman scratched me were visible. I quickly sat up and turned on my lamp on my bedside table. I looked around fast, hoping that I don’t see the woman that was in my dream in my room.

My friends have all said they felt something horrible here. They said they always feel like they’re being watched. I shrugged their feelings off as that we are all being watched at all times. There were strange noises though, things that I couldn’t explain. I just shrugged them off as well, that I was just always hearing things. Now, after that dream. I’m starting to think that maybe this house really is haunted. I never believed ghosts to be real. Or at least, that they could never actually interact with our realm of existence. Now I’m starting to wonder.

Copyright: Jesse Waldovgel


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