Wild Forest

I creepy dark house with a spiked metal fence around it. Nobody knows what goes on in the house, nor even knows who live in it. All I know, is that I happened on it in my travel across the country. My car broke down just a few miles outside a small town in Maine. The people of the town warned me of being out there around this time of the year. However, I didn’t really listen. I wish I had listened. My car broke down and I couldn’t find a way back to the town. It seemed as if the town never even existed. I tried walking all the way back to the town, which felt like forever. I couldn’t find it. Although, it was a straight walk down the road.

I walked back to my car. Which took two hours. I was at a loss for what to do now. I grabbed a couple of new batteries out of my car to put in my low flashlight. I decided to walk in the other direction I had before to find something that could help me with my car problem. I found a dirt road a half a mile away that looked like it could be a driveway. I started to walk down the driveway. The wind blowing in the trees gave a spooky, howling sound. It sounded like the sounds of wolves, dogs, bears, and even people were being tortured. It sent chills up and down my whole body. Not many things can do that to me.

I kept walking until I found a light at up ahead of me. Exhausted and out of breath, I couldn’t wait to rest finally. So I quickened my pace to reach the light, hoping that it was the yard light of a house belonging to someone who can help me. To my delight, I saw a house at the end of the road. A crow cawed in a branch just above me. I stopped and looked up at it. More and wilder chills went up and down my whole body after seeing that it was looking straight down at me. It cawed at me several more times.

“I need help,” I snapped at it. It cawed once more, then flew away. I sighed. Then kept walking towards the house. As soon as I got to the house, I ran up to the door and started banging. It seems like it’s way too late, and I felt guilty for most likely waking up the resident or residents of the home, but I wanted to be somewhere I felt safe. Even though I didn’t know these people. Anywhere feels safer than outside in this creepy forest.

To my delight. I heard footsteps coming from behind the door. The it opened and revealed an old lady holding a lit candle in a tray. Her face wrinkled as she smiled at me. She looked me up and down and smiled wider. It made me felt a little creepy, but I looked past it, as I was happy to finally get some help.

“How may I have you, dear?” She asked, her voice sounded so sweet and caring, that doubt in my mind went away. But only just a little. How could this little old lady be any dangerous?

“Um,” I started, a little hesitant and out of breath to talk. “My car broke down just a little ways down the road and I was wondering if you are able to help at all? I tried going back to town first, but I couldn’t seem to find it at all.”

“Oh, dear,” the old lady said quietly. “There is no town anywhere around here. The closest town is over fifty miles away. You can stay the night and then I can call my son in the morning if you’d like?” At that, I thought i was going crazy. It was only about ten minutes after I felt town was when my car broke down, I couldn’t have even gone ten miles away.

“Oh, well…” I said, unsure of what to think at all. Thinking of what to do. She assured me again that I can stay and that her son can come over tomorrow to fix my car. And she offered me some food and a comfortable couch to sleep on. “OK. I will stay for the night. Anywhere is better than being out in that creepy forest.”

The woman was sweet, so i couldn’t turn down her offer int eh slightest. Any doubt in my mind about her stayed outside as I walked in. She took my coat and hung it up on a hanger beside the door. She gave me another smile and led me into the living room. Which was lit with a candelebra. Then she left to get some food and water for me. It took her a while, so i started walking around the room, I looked at the books on the shelf. They were all weird, one in particular, called ‘The Wonders Of Animals And Their Bodies’ by a person named  Garret L. Rumsfeld. I picked up the book and opened it. The contents o the book made me sick to my stomach. Animal sacrificing. Drinking their fluids with certain herbs. Cooking their bodies in certain rituals. And then even doing the same with humans.

I quickly tried putting the book back, then I saw something behind the books. A red marking of some kind. I grabbed a candle and took several more books off the shelf. The I saw an inverted pentagram. I freaked. The I tried putting the books back as quickly as I could and tried to leave. But as soon as I turned around, the lady and a few others were standing at the doorway, blocking my path to escape. They were all looking at me with creepy smiles on their faces.


Copyright: Jesse Waldvogel


3 thoughts on “Wild Forest

  1. Hi Jesse, you hit a good word count for Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt, great job! I like your short fiction piece, the dialogue you’ve got going here flows nicely and brings me into the story. You started off a little rough and there were some repetitive word issues, as well as spelling mistakes, you’ll want to always be sure to edit your first drafts. Mistakes in spelling and grammar can stop the reader’s eye and cause them to get distracted. Great start, thanks for sharing! I’d like to read more 🙂 You should stop by my website and post a link to your writing in the comments section of the writing prompt post, Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s prompt because it’s going to be awesome! Here’s a great article I wrote that I think you’ll find inspiring – https://mundusmediaink.com/2016/05/31/why-should-you-be-writing-short-stories/

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