This election year was unusual, and horrifying. To the point to where people were terrified of the outcome of the election. As well as the rest of the world. My candidate didn’t win. I was hoping on Johnson to win. And before you say that my vote helped Trump win, I live in the state of Minnesota. The state that Clinton won, which I knew that she already had this state in the win. It hasn’t voted Republican since Nixon of ’72. And I didn’t like either Clinton nor Trump. Frankly, I think Clinton is a totalitarian war-hawk fascist, and Trump is an authoritarian, xenophobic fascist.

I knew that Johnson wasn’t going to win, but I was still hoping that he would win-or at least-get 5% minimum for the Libertarian party to finally get minor party status. Neither happened of course. He only gotten 3.2% of the popular vote overall. There had been others who were wanting Dr. Jill Stein to win, or the same as what Libertarians wanted. To get that 5% thresh-hold for minor party status. Maybe after this election, that the Libertarian and the Green parties will get enough votes for to be considered as viable parties in the next election. One can only hope that we do get more voices in the debates for future elections. The Democratic party and the GOP doesn’t represent the entire U.S. as a whole, as many of us have different beliefs and philosophies.

As we now have Trump as the President elect, I would just like to add my most sincerest condolences to those who are frightened of the President elect (I am, in part, a bit frightened. I don’t want the world to end at all), and his VP elect. We may or may not see things to be inherently as bad as the mainstream media portrayed him. Of course, there’s his VP pick, one who is so in tune to having religious right beliefs, but Trump may not let Pence sway him to his beliefs and what he would like to do. I only hope that things don’t turn out as bad as we all thought of his Presidency would turn. Or maybe we’ll all see that we’ll be blown into a nuclear winter and die out slowly. I hope it’s the former.

2 thoughts on “Horrifying Election Year And The Future of U.S. Politics

  1. It’s been six weeks now. Are your fears of Trump higher…lower ….the same. As an avid Trump supporter I would hope Trump has perhaps grown on you and many of your fears have been lowered. He not the person the main stream media portrayed him as. The same holds true for Hillary as well.


    1. I was scared of either Trump or Clinton winning the election. I knew one of then was goijg to win. I can’t get behind either of them, plus, I’m a Libertarian. If there’s anything that im happy about a Trump win, is that he’s anti-interventionist, which interventionism is the brunt of Democrats and Republicans alike for the past 20+ years. And we had avoided a war with Russia. Clinton on the other hand, is a major warhawk and has gotten away with a few things that she should not have. However, Trump has gone back on his word on quote a few things. Draining the swamp? He’s appointed cabinet staffs who were Goldman Sachs workers and lobbyists. However, if anything, if he’s not what he has shown us to be in his speeches, I think we may just have another Bill Clinton for the next 4-8 years. I know he’s not what the media portrayed him as, they were portraying him practically as the devil. I think (for now), that he’s an authoritarian, xenophobic fascist. One thing I’m really concerned about in his policies that I haven’t seen him back out of yet, is the Muslim identification. Not all Muslims are bad. In fact, we practically never have any terrorists from the Middle East here. We just have a bunch of home grown terrorists. However, Muslim identification is practically the same thing as what Hitler did with the Jewish community of Europe. Made them all wear the star if David, that’s a horrifying coincidence between Trump and Hitler. Not saying that he’s practically the second coming of Hitler, or a Nazi, but that is something that’s quite similar to the Führer of Nazi Germany.


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