The winds whirl and speed up, not necessarily a bad thing, seeing as how I just had my men drop more sails for top speed, however, it’s possible that we’ll be caught in s storm. We are 50 knots away from the nearest port, yet, I saw the clouds approaching a half an hour ago. A storm brewing on the horizon. My men scramble to get the sails down. We won’t make it to port before the storm hits, but hopefully, we’ll be able to find someplace to batten down the hatches.

“Get moving!” I yell rather impatiently with how slow they’re moving. At this rate, we’ll lose everything on deck. They scramble faster to tie everything down and get the rest of the sails down. I looks back at the clouds, the ever incoming clouds, approaching fast. The waves starts to get more wild and fierce, all the while the winds pick up even more. Yet, we don’t have that much time to stop. I know we can’t reach port by the time the storm hits, but a part of me thinks, maybe, just maybe, we can ride the edge of the storm and be there by the time the storm is at it’s worst. Then I hear it, the word that I wanted to hear the least. Maelstrom. I look ahead of the ship, a large whirlpool up ahead. Like a large entryway to an unseen underworld of the sea.

I steer the ships wheel as fast as I can, to try and avoid the the massive whirlpool, but to no avail. The side of the ship is close to grazing its side. To close for comfort. I looks back at the storm, it’s close, too close. As I can see a water spout just touching down on the sea. I curse under my breath. Today just isn’t my lucky day.

Copyright: Jesse Waldvogel

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