Midnight Part II

I panic and scramble for my dagger, sheath it, then pick up the body of the King’s son. I start to carry it to the side of the trail, just behind the trees and out of sight. I decide to wait for a while longer, to see if anyone else comes. The snow continues to fall and I sit there, panicking that this is the only traveler this evening. I look at my contact again to make sure that this was the night I was supposed to kill my target. I never make mistakes like this though. My parents were extremely strict on me to not make any kind of mistakes, especially ones like this. Sure enough, the contract states on the night of December 12th, at midnight, the threat will be traveling along this path. nobody was allowed on this path after this, and the King no doubt would have told his son not to be traveling tonight. He told me that he had sent a carrier to him not to come home until next week.

An hour passed and still, nobody else has come. I bury my face in my hands, thinking of what to do, where to go. The only real option is to carry him back home to his father, explain what happened. And by that, I mean, tell him that I killed my target and his son gotten caught in the middle of our fight. I wasn’t going to tell him right out that I killed his son on purpose. Besides, I really didn’t kill him on purpose. It was a complete accident. I grabbed his legs and pulled him to his carriage, setting him down gently on it. Then I make my way back to the castle.

This, I’ve decided, I’m going to make it my second novel. I’ve already gotten quite a bit of its plot planed out.


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