My computer’s fan is in need of repair and is in a computer shop for the repairs it needs. It has been making a loud, annoying noise that makes it hard fir me to focus on whatever I’m writing, so I’ve decided to write this using my phone. Which isn’t all that reliable, as my typing using my phone is a bit hard when auro correct doesn’t help that much. So please, bear with me on this.

While everyone is talking about the new Star Wars movie that has come out recently, I’m more excited about another possible movie franchise that could start with a movie that is coming out on the 21rst of this month. Called Assassin’s Creed. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a movie based on the franchise video games by the production company Ubisoft. Which has also published books featuring the stories of most of the games that have been released. The world of Assassin’s Creed revolves around an age old war between the Templar Order and the Assassin Brotherhood. The Templars have always tried gaining technology of a precursor race to the humans, to try and gain control of the entire world, the Assassins “hide in the shadows to serve the light” to stop them ay every turn.

IMDb rating is 9/10 pre-release. Some have high hopes for the movie, as well as me. I hahe played about half of the games that have been released so far (I have not had thw time nor tge money to play all of them, which all of them looked quite fun ti play!) And have read oje of tge books that has been based off of ome of the games, and have another book based off of another of the games.

The plot of the movie apparently takes place mostly in the present time, but also srill goes to one of the past members of the Assassin Brotherhood. Which would be one of the protagonist’s ancestors. Such as how the game’s plots are. The protagonist’s name in this one is Callum Lynch, who is taken by a company known as Abstergo Industries, which is the present time Templar Order, to find one of those technologies known as the Apple Of Eden. If you’re interested in this movie, here’s the latest trailer that has been released to date.

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