Writing… And Apology

I’m sorry for being away for so long, haven’t had much time in writing posts or looking at other’s blogs. Also, my laptop had to be reset, that took a while for me to get it back into working again and to get things that I had on it before back as well. But anyways, I’ve been getting some time to write my book at least though. Before, it was fourteen chapters with just over 20,000 words in it, and the story was almost complete, so I decided to rewrite it. It is coming along better than before. And for my second book, I’m going to do things a little different, I’m going to actually study some things for it, as well as plan the entire main plot and the characters out. Something I didn’t do with my current book. Which is taking me forever because of not doing that. Anyways, again, I’m sorry, and I will try to get to being active on here. More active then I ever was before as well. 

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