Midnight Part II

I panic and scramble for my dagger, sheath it, then pick up the body of the King’s son. I start to carry it to the side of the trail, just behind the trees and out of sight. I decide to wait for a while longer, to see if anyone else comes. The snow continues to fall and I sit there, panicking that this is the only traveler this evening. I look at my contact again to make sure that this was the night I was supposed to kill my target. I never make mistakes like this though. My parents were extremely strict on me to not make any kind of mistakes, especially ones like this. Sure enough, the contract states on the night of December 12th, at midnight, the threat will be traveling along this path. nobody was allowed on this path after this, and the King no doubt would have told his son not to be traveling tonight. He told me that he had sent a carrier to him not to come home until next week.

An hour passed and still, nobody else has come. I bury my face in my hands, thinking of what to do, where to go. The only real option is to carry him back home to his father, explain what happened. And by that, I mean, tell him that I killed my target and his son gotten caught in the middle of our fight. I wasn’t going to tell him right out that I killed his son on purpose. Besides, I really didn’t kill him on purpose. It was a complete accident. I grabbed his legs and pulled him to his carriage, setting him down gently on it. Then I make my way back to the castle.

This, I’ve decided, I’m going to make it my second novel. I’ve already gotten quite a bit of its plot planed out.


Writing A Novel

I have been writing a book. However, I have been publishing it on Wattpad and have been working on it for nearly a year. I just recently gotten done with writing the thirteenth chapter of it. I’m hoping to get more chapters written by the end of the year, which I may try to rewrite the whole book, make it more detailed, better characterization, better plot, and story arcs. I’ve already been trying to plan out the plot of my second book, which I will need to plan it out more. I’ve also started getting some plot ideas for my third book as well. My first book is a fantasy book, about a dark mage with golden eyes who traveled across the world known as Kelnoraad. He comes across a village that has been ravaged by a dragon that has become tainted by darkness. Only yo find that a subspecies of elves were the ones that tainted it, and the species have been in the forest of the village for quite some time, trying to gain a stronghold in secret there.


The winds whirl and speed up, not necessarily a bad thing, seeing as how I just had my men drop more sails for top speed, however, it’s possible that we’ll be caught in s storm. We are 50 knots away from the nearest port, yet, I saw the clouds approaching a half an hour ago. A storm brewing on the horizon. My men scramble to get the sails down. We won’t make it to port before the storm hits, but hopefully, we’ll be able to find someplace to batten down the hatches.

“Get moving!” I yell rather impatiently with how slow they’re moving. At this rate, we’ll lose everything on deck. They scramble faster to tie everything down and get the rest of the sails down. I looks back at the clouds, the ever incoming clouds, approaching fast. The waves starts to get more wild and fierce, all the while the winds pick up even more. Yet, we don’t have that much time to stop. I know we can’t reach port by the time the storm hits, but a part of me thinks, maybe, just maybe, we can ride the edge of the storm and be there by the time the storm is at it’s worst. Then I hear it, the word that I wanted to hear the least. Maelstrom. I look ahead of the ship, a large whirlpool up ahead. Like a large entryway to an unseen underworld of the sea.

I steer the ships wheel as fast as I can, to try and avoid the the massive whirlpool, but to no avail. The side of the ship is close to grazing its side. To close for comfort. I looks back at the storm, it’s close, too close. As I can see a water spout just touching down on the sea. I curse under my breath. Today just isn’t my lucky day.

Copyright: Jesse Waldvogel

Horrifying Election Year And The Future of U.S. Politics

Horrifying Election Year And The Future of U.S. Politics

This election year was unusual, and horrifying. To the point to where people were terrified of the outcome of the election. As well as the rest of the world. My candidate didn’t win. I was hoping on Johnson to win. And before you say that my vote helped Trump win, I live in the state of Minnesota. The state that Clinton won, which I knew that she already had this state in the win. It hasn’t voted Republican since Nixon of ’72. And I didn’t like either Clinton nor Trump. Frankly, I think Clinton is a totalitarian war-hawk fascist, and Trump is an authoritarian, xenophobic fascist.

I knew that Johnson wasn’t going to win, but I was still hoping that he would win-or at least-get 5% minimum for the Libertarian party to finally get minor party status. Neither happened of course. He only gotten 3.2% of the popular vote overall. There had been others who were wanting Dr. Jill Stein to win, or the same as what Libertarians wanted. To get that 5% thresh-hold for minor party status. Maybe after this election, that the Libertarian and the Green parties will get enough votes for to be considered as viable parties in the next election. One can only hope that we do get more voices in the debates for future elections. The Democratic party and the GOP doesn’t represent the entire U.S. as a whole, as many of us have different beliefs and philosophies.

As we now have Trump as the President elect, I would just like to add my most sincerest condolences to those who are frightened of the President elect (I am, in part, a bit frightened. I don’t want the world to end at all), and his VP elect. We may or may not see things to be inherently as bad as the mainstream media portrayed him. Of course, there’s his VP pick, one who is so in tune to having religious right beliefs, but Trump may not let Pence sway him to his beliefs and what he would like to do. I only hope that things don’t turn out as bad as we all thought of his Presidency would turn. Or maybe we’ll all see that we’ll be blown into a nuclear winter and die out slowly. I hope it’s the former.


So, today is election day in the US. And it has been nothing more than a circus, or a reality TV show. Whichever of your choosing to call it. Frankly, I’m actually scared of the direction that this country will go. Whichever direction. Either way is horrid to me. A warhawk, and a buffoon. One of these two will no doubt be the next President.

Wild Forest

I creepy dark house with a spiked metal fence around it. Nobody knows what goes on in the house, nor even knows who live in it. All I know, is that I happened on it in my travel across the country. My car broke down just a few miles outside a small town in Maine. The people of the town warned me of being out there around this time of the year. However, I didn’t really listen. I wish I had listened. My car broke down and I couldn’t find a way back to the town. It seemed as if the town never even existed. I tried walking all the way back to the town, which felt like forever. I couldn’t find it. Although, it was a straight walk down the road.

I walked back to my car. Which took two hours. I was at a loss for what to do now. I grabbed a couple of new batteries out of my car to put in my low flashlight. I decided to walk in the other direction I had before to find something that could help me with my car problem. I found a dirt road a half a mile away that looked like it could be a driveway. I started to walk down the driveway. The wind blowing in the trees gave a spooky, howling sound. It sounded like the sounds of wolves, dogs, bears, and even people were being tortured. It sent chills up and down my whole body. Not many things can do that to me.

I kept walking until I found a light at up ahead of me. Exhausted and out of breath, I couldn’t wait to rest finally. So I quickened my pace to reach the light, hoping that it was the yard light of a house belonging to someone who can help me. To my delight, I saw a house at the end of the road. A crow cawed in a branch just above me. I stopped and looked up at it. More and wilder chills went up and down my whole body after seeing that it was looking straight down at me. It cawed at me several more times.

“I need help,” I snapped at it. It cawed once more, then flew away. I sighed. Then kept walking towards the house. As soon as I got to the house, I ran up to the door and started banging. It seems like it’s way too late, and I felt guilty for most likely waking up the resident or residents of the home, but I wanted to be somewhere I felt safe. Even though I didn’t know these people. Anywhere feels safer than outside in this creepy forest.

To my delight. I heard footsteps coming from behind the door. The it opened and revealed an old lady holding a lit candle in a tray. Her face wrinkled as she smiled at me. She looked me up and down and smiled wider. It made me felt a little creepy, but I looked past it, as I was happy to finally get some help.

“How may I have you, dear?” She asked, her voice sounded so sweet and caring, that doubt in my mind went away. But only just a little. How could this little old lady be any dangerous?

“Um,” I started, a little hesitant and out of breath to talk. “My car broke down just a little ways down the road and I was wondering if you are able to help at all? I tried going back to town first, but I couldn’t seem to find it at all.”

“Oh, dear,” the old lady said quietly. “There is no town anywhere around here. The closest town is over fifty miles away. You can stay the night and then I can call my son in the morning if you’d like?” At that, I thought i was going crazy. It was only about ten minutes after I felt town was when my car broke down, I couldn’t have even gone ten miles away.

“Oh, well…” I said, unsure of what to think at all. Thinking of what to do. She assured me again that I can stay and that her son can come over tomorrow to fix my car. And she offered me some food and a comfortable couch to sleep on. “OK. I will stay for the night. Anywhere is better than being out in that creepy forest.”

The woman was sweet, so i couldn’t turn down her offer int eh slightest. Any doubt in my mind about her stayed outside as I walked in. She took my coat and hung it up on a hanger beside the door. She gave me another smile and led me into the living room. Which was lit with a candelebra. Then she left to get some food and water for me. It took her a while, so i started walking around the room, I looked at the books on the shelf. They were all weird, one in particular, called ‘The Wonders Of Animals And Their Bodies’ by a person named  Garret L. Rumsfeld. I picked up the book and opened it. The contents o the book made me sick to my stomach. Animal sacrificing. Drinking their fluids with certain herbs. Cooking their bodies in certain rituals. And then even doing the same with humans.

I quickly tried putting the book back, then I saw something behind the books. A red marking of some kind. I grabbed a candle and took several more books off the shelf. The I saw an inverted pentagram. I freaked. The I tried putting the books back as quickly as I could and tried to leave. But as soon as I turned around, the lady and a few others were standing at the doorway, blocking my path to escape. They were all looking at me with creepy smiles on their faces.


Copyright: Jesse Waldvogel


Another story excerpt. I’m going to start trying to do more of these actually. Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this story.

Every night, I have the same dream. A woman sitting on a chair in the middle of my bedroom, just staring at me. She has long dark hair, a sunken face with a creepy smile and dark circles around her eyes. She wears a long black dress that looks to be from mid twentieth century, it goes all the way to her ankles and her dirty feet. Everything in my bedroom is gone in my dream, leaving me in an empty room with nothing but her in a strait-backed, wooden chair, and her arms on her crossed legs. Then one night, she slowly rose from her chair and started walking towards me. She started talking, but it was all inaudible, like she was speaking in a different language. Her coherent speech echoed through my mind. Still unable to grasp what she was saying, however, it sent shivers through my entire body. The hair on my neck stood up on ends, as well as the rest of the hair on my arms and legs.

As she got closer, I tried moving. I was paralyzed just standing there. I started to feel fear, feeling the need to get away from her and out of the room. Her face started to become distorted, looking more like a ravaging, blood-thirsty ghoul. She lifted up her hand to me, he nails growing into what looks to be claws. She sets her claw-like nails on the upper part of my chest, just below my neck and scratched me all the way down to my abdomen. I opened my mouth to scream out from the pain, however, no sound came out of my mouth. I woke up screaming and in a cold sweat. Panic took ahold of me, my breathing became fast and short. I looked down at my chest, red marks where the woman scratched me were visible. I quickly sat up and turned on my lamp on my bedside table. I looked around fast, hoping that I don’t see the woman that was in my dream in my room.

My friends have all said they felt something horrible here. They said they always feel like they’re being watched. I shrugged their feelings off as that we are all being watched at all times. There were strange noises though, things that I couldn’t explain. I just shrugged them off as well, that I was just always hearing things. Now, after that dream. I’m starting to think that maybe this house really is haunted. I never believed ghosts to be real. Or at least, that they could never actually interact with our realm of existence. Now I’m starting to wonder.

Copyright: Jesse Waldovgel