The Death OF Chester Bennington And How Serious Depression Really Is

The lead singer of Linkin Park left the world of his fans devastated (including me), and some of us couldn’t really believe it at first. I thought it was a bad joke at first, however, I’ve recently come to terms with it myself. Chester Bennington had some serious depression problems, stating once in an interview: “This place right here, this skull in between my ears. That is a bad neighborhood. I should not be in there alone.” There are however, a lot of people that are the same way. Many of the reasons for Linkin Park’s success, is that Chester’s lyrics are so relatable to many people. And he, like many artists, write their songs from what they feel and think. And many people have expressed that Linkin Park’s music have helped them through tough times in their lives.

Many people tend to commit suicide for any number of reasons, and a lot of those things can be rough to go through alone, especially when no one seems to care at all and they’re feeling like everyone would be better off without them. Not many people really do seem to realize, or even care to see how bad depression can be. That they never take it seriously, sometimes, some people will just say “get over it.” or “No you’re not, just change your thinking and you’ll be fine.” Even though, the statistics of depression and suicide show otherwise of how serious a problem it really can be.

What can help, is actively helping those who struggle with depression, get them to see professional help, or get them to eat healthy, exercise. Long walks in nature can be quite the anti-depressant itself, as well as owning a cat, or even a dog. As well as any number of other things like any kind of art such as, writing, music, or painting/drawing.  Any number of those things can help a person who is suffering from depression.