Writing My Novels

I’ve decided, that after I finish writing The Dark Mage, my second book will be a dystopian novel. The book will be from an idea for a book that i had four years ago and had started trying to write it. The book is aboht a world that is in ruins from a certain kind of group of angels that didn’t fight when the war was started by Lucifer. They were going going ti be executed by the Archangel Micheal, but they all left and started being reincarnated as humans. They became known as “The Lost Few”.

The protagonist, John Warren, is a part of this group of angels. However, he decided to pick a side to fight on. While most of the others decided to take Earth as their own to rule over. John and the others tried to stop them. But failed. So now they are trying to take the world back from the fallen angels and try to help the humans recover from the ordeal of the fallen angels.

New Movie This Month: Assassin’s Creed

New Movie This Month: Assassin’s Creed

My computer’s fan is in need of repair and is in a computer shop for the repairs it needs. It has been making a loud, annoying noise that makes it hard fir me to focus on whatever I’m writing, so I’ve decided to write this using my phone. Which isn’t all that reliable, as my typing using my phone is a bit hard when auro correct doesn’t help that much. So please, bear with me on this.

While everyone is talking about the new Star Wars movie that has come out recently, I’m more excited about another possible movie franchise that could start with a movie that is coming out on the 21rst of this month. Called Assassin’s Creed. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a movie based on the franchise video games by the production company Ubisoft. Which has also published books featuring the stories of most of the games that have been released. The world of Assassin’s Creed revolves around an age old war between the Templar Order and the Assassin Brotherhood. The Templars have always tried gaining technology of a precursor race to the humans, to try and gain control of the entire world, the Assassins “hide in the shadows to serve the light” to stop them ay every turn.

IMDb rating is 9/10 pre-release. Some have high hopes for the movie, as well as me. I hahe played about half of the games that have been released so far (I have not had thw time nor tge money to play all of them, which all of them looked quite fun ti play!) And have read oje of tge books that has been based off of ome of the games, and have another book based off of another of the games.

The plot of the movie apparently takes place mostly in the present time, but also srill goes to one of the past members of the Assassin Brotherhood. Which would be one of the protagonist’s ancestors. Such as how the game’s plots are. The protagonist’s name in this one is Callum Lynch, who is taken by a company known as Abstergo Industries, which is the present time Templar Order, to find one of those technologies known as the Apple Of Eden. If you’re interested in this movie, here’s the latest trailer that has been released to date.

Anime Review: Tokyo Ravens

Anime Review: Tokyo Ravens

I’ve decided to start doing another thing for writing, reviewing anime. Which is another thing I like to enjoy doing, which is watching anime. One anime that I recently watched in the last few months is a fantasy anime called Tokyo Ravens. I will give a warning right now though, this has some plot spoilers, but not enough to ruin the entire anime. It has become one of my most favorite anime actually. It had everything I love to see in a story, magic, action, a bit of comedy, and some romance. I wasn’t sure of what to make of the anime when I first decided to watch it, but after I gotten into the first episode, I was hooked. The protagonist is a member of the Tsuchimikado family, who was born without the magical ability to see spirits and mana by the name of Harutora. The world gets protected by people such as the Tsuchimikado family, which are known as Onmyo mages. People who protect the world against evil spirits as seers and magic users who can also control shikigami.

As an English major, I could see things coming from a mile away. Even with some things I wasn’t so sure about. Like Haruta actually being the reincarnation of an infamous person known as Yakou Tsuchimikado. I felt like this was a great plot twist, seeing as how Yakou said that he would be reincarnated into the son of a main branch of the family, yet, Harutora was said to be born of a side branch of the family. He was actually switched at birth and placed a spell, so that he can’t remember anything of his past life as Yakou. Him not being able to see spirits or mana was a side effect of the spell. Anyways, I really enjoyed this anime, and would love to watch again. I feel as if it ended way too shortly. It could go on for longer than it did, which was 24 episodes. The anime was perfectly paced in my opinion, giving enough action, comedy, and foreshadowing to set the plot in motion. Coupled with plot twisting flashbacks that can make your head spin.

The character development of each characters were great, but felt a little slow at times. As it took Harutora a while to figure out how to see and utilize the mana in the air with his own. Despite training forever to learn how to.  His best friend, Touji’s character development didn’t seem like there was much there, but it was still great, as to what he had to go through in his past and what he was becoming. He wasn’t born into any Onmyo family, but he was caught in an incident in Kyoto that caused him to become a seer. Natsume Tsuchimikado, who was actually the one who was born of the side branch, was told that she was of the main branch of the family and was the one who convinced Harutora to keep his promise he made to her when they were younger, for him to be her familiar. However, her feelings towards him were much more than just wanting him to be her familiar. Which can be caught up on. Early on in fact, as she was the one who had made a shikigami to watch over Harutora when he was in a regular school. It took her a while to be able to reveal her feelings that she has towards him. She was a gifted Onmyo mage, however. And her character as trying to pose as a boy in their Onmyo school as per family traditions made her a hilariously lovable character.

Writing A Novel

I have been writing a book. However, I have been publishing it on Wattpad and have been working on it for nearly a year. I just recently gotten done with writing the thirteenth chapter of it. I’m hoping to get more chapters written by the end of the year, which I may try to rewrite the whole book, make it more detailed, better characterization, better plot, and story arcs. I’ve already been trying to plan out the plot of my second book, which I will need to plan it out more. I’ve also started getting some plot ideas for my third book as well. My first book is a fantasy book, about a dark mage with golden eyes who traveled across the world known as Kelnoraad. He comes across a village that has been ravaged by a dragon that has become tainted by darkness. Only yo find that a subspecies of elves were the ones that tainted it, and the species have been in the forest of the village for quite some time, trying to gain a stronghold in secret there.